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ABC Bullion will produce the Melbourne Cup trophy from 2016.

Melbourne Cup a piece of Aussie gold

As the country prepares for the Melbourne Cup, a local supplier has revealed how the iconic trophy is mined, refined and manufactured in Australia. Read more »
Around 90 sites, each containing up to 400 vessels, make up the Plain of Jars.

Drones used to study ancient quarries

Archaeologists from Australia have been using drones to remotely study ancient quarries close to a mysterious place of ancient historic interest in Laos known as the Plain of Jars. Read more »
Patrons absolutely have to stay on the trails within the Kartchner Caverns. They must only touch the handrails and are barred from touching any of the natural formations.

Kartchner Caverns –preserving a ‘living’ underground sanctuary

Last month, Bill Langer described the visit he, his wife Pam and their grandchildren Donovan and Delaney made to the Kartchner Caverns, a world-class geologic wonder located in south-eastern Arizona. Bill rounds out the visit with some background about how the caverns were discovered and developed … Read more »
The Egerszalók travertine deposit now is part of the four-star SALIRIS resort and spa conference hotel.

Geology Talk
The Egerszalók travertine – a hot bath and a glass of wine

In his eighth instalment about the world’s most fascinating geological curiosities, Bill Langer turns our attention to the former eastern European bloc, where there’s a phenomenon that in real time is younger than Bill! Read more »
A view of the Milky Way towards the constellation Sagittarius (including the galactic centre), as seen from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Image courtesy: Steve Jurvetson.

The Milky Way: A galactic wonder

After charting many of the world’s geological curiosities in the past year, Bill Langer turns his attention this month to the heavens – and heartily recommends you get out into the great outdoors this summer … Read more »
The disused quarry site lies underneath the city of Paris. Image courtesy: The Guardian.

New life in ‘dead’ underground quarries

According to reports, 300km of underground tunnels and disused quarries could play a significant role in Paris’s re-development plans. Read more »
Just your average, common or garden, boring quarry pit … Bill Langer begs to differ!

Is your quarry an unappreciated geologic wonderland?

From the Škocjan Caves to the Mendenhall Glacier, from the Egerszalók Travertine to our very own Glass Mountains, Bill Langer has discussed some fascinating geological wonders in the past 12 months. Now he turns his attention to one last wonder – and it may actually be in your own backyard … Read more »
A permeable paver demonstration, in Austin’s Ferry, Tasmania. Image courtesy: JJ Harrison.

Aggregate and the environment

Some fortuitous breakfast conversation, courtesy of his wife Pam, has Bill Langer now chomping at the bit (in horseracing parlance!) to vent about the benefits of aggregate for the environment … Read more »
Example of faster shingle failure along a roof eave where more water is channelled and which accelerates the washing away of the asphalt, saturating the paper fibre of the shingles. Image courtesy: Dale Mahalko.

Really cool roofing!

In the second part of his new series of articles exploring environmentally friendly, sustainable aggregate applications, Bill Langer this month recommends you look no further than above your head! Read more »
Growing plants in aggregates is preferred to the hydroponic method because the aggregate helps to support the roots.

Grown in gravel

In the second feature of a series on environmentally friendly, sustainable aggregate applications, Bill Langer explains how plants can not only survive – but thrive – in gravel beds. Subscription required. Read more »
Figure 1. Giant gravel “batteries” can convert excess energy to thermal energy.

Geology Talk
Gravel batteries and renewable energy

In this third chapter on environmentally sustainable aggregate applications, Bill Langer discusses the merits of renewable energy – and how in terms of supply chain, handling and construction, few materials are as environmentally friendly and simple to use as gravel. Read more »
A fossilised dinosaur skeleton was recently discovered in a quarry factory in the UK. Image courtesy: Express Digest.

Routine factory visit digs up dinosaur bones

Fossils of an ‘extremely rare’ dinosaur skeleton believed to be up to 132 million years old have recently been unearthed at a building materials factory in the UK. Read more »

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