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Editor's Desk
New infrastructure wave highlights industry challenges

Damian Christie talks about the prevailing economic conditions and what they mean for the aggregates industry in the next 12 months. Read more »

Editor's Desk
What the Dickens does quarrying have to do with Christmas?

Damian Christie discusses the importance of quarrying/geology and cites links related to this coming holiday season and new year. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Stamping out negative attitudes, practices in the 'fair go' era

The IQA conference in Toowoomba in October highlighted the great strides that the IQA and the extractive industry is taking to encourage more women and young people into the sector. However, as Damian Christie remarks, there are still concerning signs that the safety of all workers risks being compromised so long as old, ingrained attitudes and lack of workplace flexibility linger. Read more »
The art deco Empire Theatre, in Toowoomba, was a “welcome change from the usual cold and uninviting convention centres”.

Toowoomba meeting showcases growth, new talent

IQA has hailed its 60th annual conference in Toowoomba as a great success that showcased the region’s infrastructure growth and utilised local support and talent. Damian Christie highlights the key moments. Subscription required. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Toowoomba - Resilient, vibrant, flourishing

Damian Christie believes that Toowoomba today is a vibrant, flourishing destination - a far cry from the 2011 flash floods that devastated the city and the region. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Leadership on mental health is good business sense

Damian Christie explains why it's good business sense to look after your workforce and ensure that they are as able-bodied as possible. Read more »

Editor's Desk
How innovation, new ideas can put the wind in a quarry’s sails

Damian Christie explains why a seemingly obscure victory by our trans-Tasman neighbour in one of the world's oldest and sometimes most brutal sailing regattas should be an inspiration for Aussie quarries seeking to innovate. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Business as usual approach won’t cut it long-term

Damian Christie discusses how quarrying operators need to be looking towards the future to ensure their survival. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Does the industry need mascots to refine its message?

Damian Christie considers the potential role of mascots in the quarrying industry. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Could things be looking up for the quarrying industry?

Is a 'construction boom' around the corner for the industry? Damian Christie ponders...  Read more »

Editor's Desk
Mill stalemate suggests it’s time to rein in the bureaucrats

It seems easily forgotten that Australia was born off the proverbial ‘sheep’s back’, Damian Christie discovers. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Pedal-powered innovation opens the mind to other possibilities

The quarrying and sailing spheres are literally worlds apart - yet as Damian Christie explains, bold ideas in one shouldn't discount creativity or innovation in the other ... Read more »


Sunday, 18 February, 2018 07:35pm
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