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Not much has changed since the 2011 report on gender diversity.

Diversity report shows little change

Consult Australia’s Workforce Diversity 2013 report on professional services firms within the built and natural environment industry shows slow change for women. Read more »
Gour Sen: From “mutinous” youth to esteemed mining professor.

A narrative of perserverance

Major Miner, by Gour Sen (ISBN 978-81-8274-618-3). Available to download on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iBooks and iTunes. RRP $USD29.95. Read more »
Geoff West: Mumbo-jumbo or not, hard-bitten quarry people will react just like everyone else.

Neuroplasticity in the quarry

Can the latest brain research be applied in a basic industry like quarrying? Geoff West argues that the application of neuroscience research leadership is as relevant to quarrying as it is to any other profession. Read more »
Excavations have also revealed that Stonehenge was probably once a full circle. Image source: The Guardian.

Ancient route discovered at Stonehenge

Excavations along the ancient processional route to Stonehenge affirm the theory that the monument was built along an ice age landform that happened to be on the solstice axis. Read more »


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