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A 1000m2 ancient quarry site has been uncovered near Jerusalem.

City of quarries unearths more treasures

A 2000 year old quarry has been discovered during an excavation for the paving of a highway in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authorities (IAA) has announced. Read more »
Flying this unmanned vehicle is easy with intuitive desktop flight planning software.

Easy surveying with UAV

The SIRIUS UAV is a lightweight, durable, fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for high accuracy DEM and orthophoto purposes. Read more »
According to this report, radiation levels in samples taken from NSW quarries may be higher than coal or metal mines.

Radiation results higher for quarries

A recent study into Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) has shown results from quarry product samples were higher than those from metal or coal mines. Read more »
Perlite consists of a glassy volcanic material, which, upon rapid controlled heating, “pops” into frothy, low density particles.

Perlite and the electric company

Perlite, which is often used in lightweight plasters and mortars, insulation and ceiling tiles, may yet play a major part in the reduction of power consumption in the years ahead. And as Bill Langer adds, it may also cause some headaches for his local power company! Read more »


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