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Geologists used computer modelling to identify the two-phase uplift that created Australia’s highest mountain range.

Mystery of highest Aussie mountain solved

New research has identified the two geological events that formed Australia’s highest mountain range. Read more »
Aerial data can be provided in standard formats or via Aeroeye’s cloud-based tools.

Quick, safe, accurate aerial mapping

Aeroeye’s aerial mapping services allow quarry managers to capture accurate, high quality spatial data quickly and safely. Read more »
A chainsaw blade tipped with diamond cutting segments is one of the tools used to quarry Portland dimension stone. Image courtesy: <em>Dorset Echo.</em>

Urban encroachment doesn’t stop quarry

An innovative underground quarry operation has allowed valuable dimension stone to be extracted while urban life continues above. Read more »
Lake Purdilla is estimated to contain 87 million tonnes of gypsum with 91 per cent purity.

Gypsum deposit offers high quarry potential

An exploration company is seeking an operator to quarry what is said to be a state’s largest undeveloped gypsum deposit. Read more »
An ancient sand resource has been discovered at Stoney Pinch Quarry.

Quarry uncovers potential sand jackpot

A quarry operator has discovered an ancient sand resource at its site, which could potentially provide an economic boost for the region. Read more »
Mr Uglyrock is now enjoying a new lease of life as a “Barre breakwater” at the Port of Oswego on Lake Ontario in New York State. Image courtesy: Harry Hart, North East Materials Group.

Toobig Uglyrock – An interview

Concluding his year-long chronicle of the history of the city of Barre and Barre granite, Bill Langer decides the last word should come directly from the source’s mouth … Read more »


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