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Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest peak, is part of the Eastern Highlands. Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Fir0002/Flagstaffotos</a>

Mystery of highest Aussie mountain range solved

New research has identified the two geological events that formed Australia’s highest mountain range. Read more »
An example of a loess deposit exposed in a bluff in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA.

Children of the Loess

In his musings about the world’s geological icons, Bill Langer this month explores two phenomena: one that’s common on bluffs and road cuts, another that’s rare after deep rainfall or snow ... Read more »
Paul Wostov believes his technology could bore 10 times deeper than traditional drills. Image courtesy: Paul Rivenberg.

This is not a drill: new tech “melts” rock

New technology that bores holes in rock by melting or vaporising it could one day provide an alternative to traditional drilling, according to researchers. Read more »
Micrometeorites are formed when two asteroids collide in space.

Ancient rocks unlock secrets of the atmosphere

Research into micrometeorites found in Western Australia have shed new light on the make-up of the ancient Earth’s atmosphere. Read more »
Groundwork Plus uses unmanned robotic vehicles to carry out bathymetric surveys of dams.

Environmental Products
Robotic solution to dangerous dam surveys

Groundwork Plus offers a solution to the time consuming and potentially dangerous task of surveying dams. Read more »
Since Bill first visited the Mendenhall Glacier in 1974 the ice front has retreated at a rate of about 0.3km per year – or 1.2km in 42 years.

The Mendenhall Glacier: in the blink of an eye

In his ongoing series about the world’s geological icons, Bill Langer takes us this month to the glacial landscape of Alaska… Read more »


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