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The volcanic ash pozzolana is believed to have contributed to the longevity of Roman concrete structures such as the Pantheon.

Researchers discover natural, self-healing ‘concrete’

Naturally formed, self-healing “concrete” discovered within the depths of a supervolcano may hold the key to developing stronger, more environmentally friendly construction materials. Read more »
Sediment deposits found in a quarry suggest early humans had more opportunities to migrate out of Africa than previously thought.

Quarry helps researchers understand human history

Research undertaken at a Middle Eastern quarry has helped researchers better understand the circumstances surrounding early human migration out of Africa. Read more »
The Vermont State House in Montpelier today.

New England’s finest

In this latest instalment of the history of Barre granite, Bill Langer provides an example of how the rock was hauled from the quarry site to the building site – often with extreme physical difficulty and at great personal expense to the haulage operator. Read more »


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