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The disused quarry site lies underneath the city of Paris. Image courtesy: The Guardian.

New life in ‘dead’ underground quarries

According to reports, 300km of underground tunnels and disused quarries could play a significant role in Paris’s re-development plans. Read more »
A view of the Milky Way towards the constellation Sagittarius (including the galactic centre), as seen from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Image courtesy: Steve Jurvetson.

The Milky Way: A galactic wonder

After charting many of the world’s geological curiosities in the past year, Bill Langer turns his attention this month to the heavens – and heartily recommends you get out into the great outdoors this summer … Read more »
Figure 2. Note the erratic contours over vegetation caused by using DSM instead of DTM.

Commissioning, interpreting the right drone data

As drones become more integral to the surveying and planning of quarrying sites, so operators need to be more familiar with the exact types of data they require. ERIK BIRZULIS explains the differences and confusion between drone deliverables and the pitfalls to be avoided. Read more »


Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 11:30am
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