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Researchers believe they now know how the bluestones at Stonehenge were quarried and transported.

Research chips away at Stonehenge mystery

Researchers claim to have discovered more about the ancient quarrying techniques behind the creation of Stonehenge while excavating two quarries they believe yielded the mysterious monument’s iconic stones. Read more »
Hornsby Quarry contains a “perfect” cross-section of a diatreme.

Geologists lobby to preserve quarry rock formation

Geologists are lobbying to modify a spoil management plan that could reduce access to a scientifically significant rock formation in an old quarry. Read more »
The new US “Space Act” opens the way for US citizens and corporations to own and sell natural resources mined from asteroids.

US ‘asteroid act’ opens ethical can of worms

The extractive industry is another step closer to the “final frontier” – after the US Congress passed a law in favour of the mining of asteroids. Read more »
A monument of Louis Brusa, a Barre sculptor, and his wife Mary. Brusa died of silicosis.

Silicosis in the Barre granite industry

Occupational silicosis continues to be problematic in the extractive industries today, although it is not as prolific as it was in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bill Langer discusses how silicosis affected the granite industry in Barre, Vermont, in the early 20th century – and how it could have been countered earlier had the US medical profession promptly treated the disease ... Read more »


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