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Site managers in NZ without current Certificates of Competency could be jobless by 31 December.

Quarry jobs at risk over OHS requirements

Time is running out for a nation’s quarrying, mining and contracting site managers to meet new health and safety requirements, according to industry groups. Read more »
The MAQOHSC-funded training in work health and safety will be available online.

Health, safety training offered to quarries

Free health and safety training, including some face to face training, is being offered to quarry workers over the course of one year. Read more »
Geohart is able to supply site geotechnical drilling supervision and logging services.

Environmental Products
Optimal quarry design through geotechnical models

Geohart Consultants offers a range of open-cut geotechnical services to ensure optimal quarry design. Read more »
The Bat Booth is a stand-alone personnel dust device that can be placed anywhere on a worksite with access to compressed air and power.

Environmental Products
Tackling dust resuspension on workers’ clothing

Dust has always been a problem in the quarrying and extractive industry. Whether it’s coming from roads, transfer points, quarrying processes or cement processes, its presence has always been a huge problem and dealing with that has become a big business in itself. Read more »
Truck scales allow you to obtain weight data without interrupting your operations.

Truck scales: A “must have” in the recycling industry

Recycling is a big business today. To ensure your operations run efficiently, you’ll need to keep track of weight data. Read more »


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