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Landfill operator Transpacific is striving for a zero sum waste policy.

Had our fill of landfill says waste company

Transpacific Industries Group chief executive Kevin Campbell has said that landfill is no longer viable for waste disposal. Read more »
Spent fluid cracking catalyst is produced at Mobil and Shell refineries.

Case Studies
Reuse of oil catalyst in cement manufacture

A joint Boral, Shell and Mobil project that used oil industry spent catalyst as a raw material replacement in cement has diverted 4000 tonnes per year of material from landfill, conserved virgin resources and provided cost savings. Brian McGrath reports. Read more »
The recycling and subsequent reuse of crushed rock and glass reduces the demand for virgin materials.

Case Studies
Blending of recycled glass and crushed rock in road pavements

An extensive laboratory testing program in Victoria, with assistance from recycled aggregates producer Alex Fraser Group, has enabled a team of researchers to analyse the suitability of a recycled glass-crushed rock blend as a sub-base material. Read more »
Various concrete pavement surfaces after polishing to AS1141.41.

Case Studies
Specifying manufactured sands for concrete applications

With the diminishing availability of natural sand resources in many regions around the world, quarry engineers and concrete technologists have taken up the challenge in improving the production and selection of quality man-made sands suitable for concrete production.  Read more »
 Field trial – Hanson Brandy Hill quarry.

Case Studies
Coal power station waste as a fine aggregate replacement in concrete

With sand resources likely to be depleted in the future, attention is turning to options for fine aggregate. Rishabh Satsangi discusses research into the use of coal bottom ash as a viable substitute for the application of sand in concrete manufacturing. Read more »
The equipment and testing sequence shown in the improved MBV method.

Case Studies
New test method for assessing fine aggregate

Traditionally, good quality manufactured sand for use in concrete mixes has been achieved by measuring and chemically treating the deleterious clays within the fines. Leon Bablouzian, Nathan Tregger and Tasha Eagle outline a new test procedure for assessing clay contamination.
Read more »
Shell grit has been successfuly utilised as mulch for trees and plants in rehabilitation sites at Cockburn Cement's Munster site.

Better use for shell grit wins CCAA award

Dr Katinka Ruthrof of Murdoch’s Centre of Excellence for Climate Change, Woodland and Forest Health, has won the Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia (CCAA) WA Environmental Innovation Award for 2012. Read more »
Australia is very fortunate to have high quality black coal deposits readily available.

Case Studies
Developing high performance construction materials with coal combustion products

A by-product of the coal-fired power process, coal combustion products – CCPs – are an alternative for roadbase materials and concrete applications. Michael van Koeverden discusses the properties of CCPs and how they can be adapted to roadbase design. Read more »


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