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5066 Tracker Primary HSI Crusher

US supplier’s trio of recycling solutions

Inertia Machine Corporation has launched its “triple-threat” competitive-edge crushing and screening solutions for the aggregate and recycling sectors: the 4048 FRAP closed circuit mobile plant, the 5066 tracker primary HSI crusher and the 620 Spec Maker portable screening plant. Read more »
Landfills have been used by society since the stone ages

The evolution of recycling facilities in southeast Australia

The NSW Government’s landfills levy was originally designed to reduce landfills and encourage increased productivity in the C&D recycled market. So why has it been unsuccessful and can other States learn from the NSW experience? Rod Stephens reports. Read more »
Proper processing of demolition debris results in quality recycled aggregates

Recycling: A path to sustainable construction

How social, technological and economic pressures are emphasising the need for quality management in C&D materials. Read more »
Working with other crushing equipment, the TwisterTrac produces recycled sand of minus 10mm and minus 5mm

Mobile plant contributes to quality artificial sand

The production of sand by means of glass recycling is a developing market in Australia, and Alex Fraser has been supplying asphalt plants for five to six years with product from various crushing methods.
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Laboratory testing has shown that glass has the qualities to be incorporated into road base material

Travelling down a glass highway

Waste glass destined for landfill has found a new place in Victoria’s roads and footpaths. Karin Derkley reports. Read more »
Crushed concrete.

Crushing brick blends for sub-base applications

Can recycled crushed brick blended with crushed concrete create effective sub-base applications? And if so, do such applications meet statutory specifications? Thurairatnam Aatheesan and Arul Arulrajah discuss the science.

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A Spanish company profits from recycling mountains of marble

Spanish marble breakthrough

As quarries worldwide grapple with the environmental burdens of excavated rock, a Spanish company has shown it is possible to recycle – and profit from - its mountains of marble.  Read more »
A typical batch of the mixture could include about five per cent shells for structural use

Seashells a potential ingredient in structural concrete

Seashells could add strength to structural concrete, adding to its robustness in general.
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Consistent belt tracking allows safe, efficient, trouble free conveyor system operation.

K-Self Aligning Idlers

A misaligned conveyor belt is usually the cause of many problems related to the conveying of bulk material. The K-Self Aligning Idlers for both through and return applications are used to overcome belt “miss-tracking.” It is constructed using a centre pivot bearing and made to suit the existing belt profile. It provides belt centering by causing the idler frame to pivot as it makes contact with the belt edge. This swivel action causes the belt to realign, making it secure and proficient. Read more »


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