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Minprovise’s customers are in agreement that operators learn quickly how to remotely control the Dugless 900 in the field.

A miniature solution to a large problem

Conveyor spillage is a time-consuming and laborious problem, but that the Dugless 900 mini-loader could make that a thing of the past. Read more »
Installing anti-condensation heaters prevents or removes moisture build-up that can occur  surprisingly often. The photo shows a low cost anti-condensation heater (the yellow tape).

Keeping electric motors reliable

Electric motors are a reliable power source, but regular inspection and minor maintenance will reduce breakdowns. Read more »
Crushing blasted basalt, the C50 is the primary crusher feeding into a secondary impact crusher, followed by two screens.

Jaw crusher boosts earthworks operations

The McCloskey C50 jaw crusher bolsters several earthworks projects in northern NSW and southeast Queensland Read more »
Figure 1. Hood and spoon chutes are the “Rolls Royce’’ in terms of performance but are  unsuited to abrasive or sticky materials, or material which includes large lumps or slabs.

Optimisation of transfer chutes

To simplify and improve conveyor transfers and reduce material spillage, operators are employing modern design tools such as Discreet Element Modelling. Read more »
End users can avoid the pitfalls of counterfeit drives by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Working out the fakes

Counterfeit motor and drive technologies are on the rise, so how can you avoid buying a fake? Read more »
Cylindrical roller bearings are used in off-road trucks, wheel loaders, dozers and excavators.

Bearing the brunt

Bearings are vulnerable to the harsh working environments they operate in. That’s why they need to be tough enough to withstand abrasive conditions. Read more »


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