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The K-Vee Spidler is ideal for heavy material loads on vee-return overland conveyors.

Spiral cleaning idler for heavy loads

Kinder & Co’s new K-Vee Spidler spiral cleaning idler reduces maintenance and adjustments during conveyor belt cleaning. Read more »
Foothills’ heavy-duty jaw liners offer a significantly longer wear life than standard jaws.

Long-wear jaw liners

Foothills Steel Foundry has re-engineered its jaw liners for better crushing efficiency and longer wear life. Read more »
Figure 1. Creating a clamp force load via application of torque.

Why nut and bolt fastened joints fail

They’re often taken for granted but fasteners and other fittings can be vital to the operational life of your machinery. Vaughan Bartleson explains why fasteners work, why some joints fail and how quarries can mitigate problems. Read more »
In the past, the Stevens Creek Quarry plant had to be shut down for the settling pond to be cleaned out.

Sorting out settling pond problems once and for all

A US quarry operation has worked closely with a sand processing specialist to finally address the ongoing problem of laboriously draining and cleaning out its settling pond to remove excess slurry. Read more »


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