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Pumps, strainers for dewatering, oils disbursement

Australian Pump Industries (commonly known as Aussie Pumps), a supplier and manufacturer of pumps and high pressure cleaning equipment, has announced its distribution of two products that have applications in dewatering and oil disbursement. Read more »

A reinvention of sales, production, inventory forecasts

Quarry operations are moving away from messy spreadsheets and rethinking communication, production planning and sales forecasting to save time and improve productivity. One such medium that quarries worldwide are utilising is PlantDemand, a business intelligence tool. Read more »

Maintenance vs non-maintenance: the implications of doing both

What is the difference between maintenance work and non-maintenance projects? And can the same personnel undertake two distinct tasks? Paul D Tomlingson explains the distinctions and why project work should not be an excuse for attending to straightforward maintenance tasks. Read more »
WEARX personnel deliver wear protection solutions designed to exceed availability goals.

WEARX joins forces with Metso to unlock full potential

In late 2017 Australian wear solutions provider WEARX and aggregates processing equipment supplier Metso Corporation finalised an agreement to bring the two companies together. Read more »

Local parts company thrives in Australian - and beyond

In a period when Australian companies are either ceasing trading or falling upon hard times, it’s encouraging when local start-ups not only survive, but thrive. Read more »


Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 03:21pm
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