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The new Volvo CE test and development centre will focus on testing excavators.

New excavator centre good news for quarrying

An international OEM has opened a new test and development centre that will enhance the quality of the excavators it distributes in Australia. 

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Poly-Skirt provides a number of benefits over rubber skirting.

Long-wear skirting

Advanced Engineering Group has introduced a new type of skirting that offers longer product life with less maintenance. Read more »
The Rockline EZP1 primary cleaner is available in a modular conveyor design from VLI.

Water service winner in modular belt conveying solution

A New South Wales water service has significantly decreased maintenance time using modular conveyors with enhanced cleaning systems. Read more »
The PV cleaner features Martin Engineering’s patented CARP design for consistent cleaning throughout all stages of blade life.

Belt cleaner design thwarts carryback

An innovative belt cleaner design has enabled a limestone producer to overcome the issue of carryback, leading to improved safety and reduced costs.

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Senior members of Komatsu and Pirtek Fluid Systems celebrate the signing of the extended supply agreement between the two companies. From left: Stephen Dutton (Pirtek), Tomoyoshi Nishikawa (Komatsu Marketing Support Australia), Chris Cassettari (Komatsu Australia) and Peter Duncan (Pirtek).

Suppliers extend high pressure hose assembly agreement

An extended agreement for the supply of high pressure hose assemblies ensures Pirtek-constructed Komatsu genuine hoses will be available to the entire Komatsu after-market across Australia. Read more »
Correct mounting is the major factor in prolonging the wear life of belt cleaners.

Troubleshooting belt cleaners: Optimising productivity

Correct conveyor belt cleaning is becoming more vital in the extractive industries. Sean Kinder focuses on the operation and maintenance of primary belt cleaners and advises how good housekeeping can prevent premature failing conveyor components, tracking issues, excessive belt wear and spillage.  Read more »
Due to conservative design approaches in the past, older plants can still operate well beyond their original design life of 20 years.

Pros, cons with ageing and modern plants

It is widely known that modern business conditions have generally led to more imported components and equipment into the Australian market, and they are being used right across the industry spectrum. Read more »
When applied correctly, proactive maintenance strategies can double or triple lubricant and filter life.

Extending oil change intervals on heavy mining equipment

Extending oil drain intervals in off-highway engines and machines can be challenging. The savings associated with longer oil and filter change intervals must be balanced against the risk of shortened engine life and the cost associated with less reliability if oil drain intervals are extended too far.
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Manually cleaning out chutes can be risky, especially if freeing up fines from overhead.

Mitigating the costs and dangers of plugging chutes

It is all too common that the quarry site has to stop its crushing and screening operations because of build-up and plugging in chutes. A self-cleaning wear liner system may just be the answer to solving this age-old problem. Read more »
Fluid and lubricant cleanliness is critical in quarrying due to ever changing ambient temperatures and dry or wet weather variations.

Maintaining a well-oiled machine

Maintaining exceptional standards of service is an essential part of successful fleet management, especially in relation to fluid and lubricant control. Robert Caprile describes how Babcock’s approach to fluid and lubricant management can keep your operations running without disruption. Read more »


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