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Locker Group poly modular panels are available in a variety of aperture sizes and shapes.

Supplier eases working capital for quarry operator

Locker Group has recently re-entered the modular screening market, offering customer specific injection moulded polyurethane and rubber panels. Read more »
The performance difference between a Tuffex screen and a traditional poly self-cleaning screen. Note how the self-cleaning screen is pegged up compared with the Tufflex after only a few days of screening. On top of this, the Tufflex lasted about twice as long.

Polyurethane screens with a user-friendly angle

Thanks to its long experience in screening applications, Sefar Metal Mesh Oceania, part of the Swiss-based Sefar Group, was motivated to complement its existing range of quality hooked edge high tensile wire screens with a product that could address industry requirements for process improvements and OHS issues related to heavy screen weight and reduce overall operating costs. Read more »
Flex-Mat 3 has up to one-third more open area per screen, allowing far more in-spec product per hour.

How screen media can improve your screening power

Blinding is one of the most serious issues confronting the screening process and can cause significant downtime. However, there are different screen types that can be employed to keep your screens clean. Read more »


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