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A 32GSM coupling with the 32EFG6K hydraulic hose.

High pressure hose exceeds SAE requirements

Gates’ new 32EFG6K, 2” diameter, 6000psi hydraulic hose is tested to one million impulse cycles, twice the SAE requirement. Read more »
Scanalyse has developed world-first measurement and modelling products.

Crusher monitor service sold to Finnish supplier

Shareholders of Curtin University spin out company Scanalyse have signed an agreement for their shares to be acquired by Finnish company Outotec. Read more »
Ceramic solutions are more common now in hard rock applications.

Hard rock ceramic liners

Crushing & Mining Equipment (CME) can supply a full range of ceramic wear liners. Read more »
The carrier roller has proof sealants for water and dust and is impact resistant.

Patented carrier roller

Daeyang Rollent’s patented unique carrier roller has a triple sealing system for perfect waterproof and dust-proof sealing. Read more »
K-Motorshield covers minimise motor maintenance and service costs.

Motor covers to shield assets

Kinder & Co’s K-MotorShield motor covers simplify maintenance. Read more »
The 13-tonne MR130 has a six-section boom to 24 metres.

City crane built to new specs

Tutt Bryant Equipment has released the 13-tonne Kato MR130 city crane, featuring significant changes to suit Australian legislation and markets. Read more »
Hi-open area rubber screen cloths are not suitable for every application. Direct impact and large material should be avoided (as pictured).

Are rubber screens suitable for your operation?

Rubber screens have been around for years and most people would be aware of the benefits, eg long wear life, reduced noise and excellent self-cleaning qualities. However, as David Hewitson explains, many operators still pass up the opportunity to enjoy these benefits because they are unsure if rubber will work on their screens. Read more »
The plastic round profile is for round top  capping rubber.

Wire harp screens for mobile plant

Harp screens are proving to be the most efficient screen media for mobile plant. Read more »
Babcock takes on the risk of maintenance expenditure, including unexpected and planned machine maintenance.

Case Studies
Mobilising and standardising the fleet

Drawing on its experience in the UK and North American markets, a multinational engineering services support company discusses a new model of fleet management that can promote productivity and efficiency and simplify the costs of ownership. Read more »


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