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The MJ400R recycling jaw can be integrated with established plant and equipment or can be operated independently.

Modular recycling jaw shines on its day in the rain

Every product deserves its moment in the sun. It was just unfortunate that Hillhead 2016, the world’s pre-eminent venue for promoting new quarry spec products, was largely inundated with rain from 28 to 30 June. Read more »
The RUD Sideflex can be adapted to any tyre geometry.

Flexible tyre sidewall protection

Sideflex is an innovative solution to sidewall damage on haul truck tyres. Read more »
The Mark 2 built is around a heavy-duty, steel wash base design.

Relocatable vehicle washing system

The HDD45 R Mark 2 is an enhanced version of Fleetwash’s Heavy Duty Deluge Relocatable truck wash system. Read more »
Dust control has been given a higher priority in materials processing over the past few decades.

Top reasons for using dust-tight valves

Dust emissions minimisation requires a system that recognises the issue of dust control at all stages of the mining process. Without adequate control measures, fugitive dust emissions can impact on the efficiency and profitability of your plant, and employees’ health. Read more »
Truck scales allow you to obtain weight data without interrupting your operations.

Truck scales: A “must have” in the recycling industry

Recycling is a big business today. To ensure your operations run efficiently, you’ll need to keep track of weight data. Read more »


Saturday, 18 August, 2018 04:51pm
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