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CleanScrape was invented and is manufactured in Germany.

Tungsten-tipped scraper

CleanScrape has a diagonal positioning on the head drum. Read more »
Conveyor guards do not have to be complicated nor interfere with productivity.

Practical idler guard

Conveyor guarding is a vital piece of equipment on all installations where it is possible to be classed as a hazard. Read more »
The Keeplate can be cut and fabricated for custom applications.

Custom wear plate

Keech Keeplate is the ideal solution for minimising wear in corrosive and abrasive applications. Read more »
Kinder’s K-Maintenance tags are easy to use.

Tag for idler maintenance

Kinder & Co’s new K-Maintenance Idler Tag is a simple, efficient method of managing ongoing idler maintenance.

Read more »
SafetyTrax IVMS is a web-based monitoring solution.

Web-based vehicle monitoring

The LSM SafetyTrax IVMS system is a powerful monitoring solution scalable from a single vehicle up to thousands.

Read more »
Keech’s new Keeliners can be used as a single unit or in a row.

Lighter, stronger liners

Keech’s new Keeliner wear protection system offers longer wear life.

Read more »
For short term or long term requirements, the Allshelter weather protection systems minimise downtime due to rain or other elements and maximise employee efficiency due to ventilated conditions.

Drill & Blast
How shelters can reduce costs in quarry operations

Supplier unveils a new range of container shelters in a variety of sizes to profit the drill and blast segment. Read more »


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