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The PTEZ belt trainer may be used in any application that requires tracking to prevent damage to the belt or conveyor structure.

Belt trainer promises superior tracking

The PTEZ belt trainer may be used in tracking applications to prevent damage to a belt or conveyor structure. Read more »
The hardskirts use a tungsten carbide composite to achieve a high level of resistance.

Durable hardskirts reduce wear, spillage

The K-Speedskirt comprises ceramic and composite hardskirts, with differentiated wear and impact resistance on the face and edges. Read more »
The Aussie ASP Kit protects both the operator and the pump  from pressure spikes and extended bypass running.

Environmental Products
Complimentary training offered for new regulations

With new Australian Standards now in practice to promote the safe use of high pressure water blasters, Hamish Lorenz explains how one company is offering construction materials operators opportunities in training to safely operate these tools. Read more »

For extractive operators, initial cost pressures can make non-OEM spare parts for slurry pumps more attractive than genuine parts.

The risks of using replicator spare parts on slurry pumps

Replicating spare parts for slurry pumps is a serious issue in the extractive materials industry, for both solutions providers and the operators who utilise them. Read more »


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