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Pivoted weigh screws are useful where the product is dusty or hazardous and where accuracy is important.

Pivoted weigh screw configurations

Pivoted weigh screws, available from Active Weighing Solutions, can deliver constant flowrate bulk materials with an accuracy of better than ±0.5%. Read more »
The guideline explains the risks associated with off-the-road tyres.

Tyre safety comes under scrutiny

A series of mining fatalities has led a state government to increase its focus on the safety of heavy machinery tyres. Read more »
Whole-life costs of off-highway earthmoving tyres can be reduced significantly through longevity, fuel savings, improved performance and reduced downtime.

Load & Haul
Don’t lose your grip: Getting the most from your earthmover tyres

With tyres still a precious commodity in the earthmoving market, whole-life costs can be managed effectively with a sensible approach to correct usage, maintenance and the right conditions, according to specialists at tyre manufacturer Michelin. Read more »
Figure 1. Above typical welded steel patches used on chutes

Extending the life of plant assets

The wear resistance of critical components and the ability of quarries to perform fast and cost-effective repairs to high wearing zones, parts, structures and foundations is absolutely crucial in reducing equipment downtime. Vaughn Bartleson explains how operators can extend the life of their plant and equipment. Read more »
An Astec/KPI-JCI mobile crusher in production. Understanding your specific application is key to optimising production.

Top five ways to optimise crushing capacity

There are five key ways to optimise crushing capacity, to give producers the best bang for their buck, as Paul Smith outlines.
  Read more »


Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 03:21pm
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