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Sand Processing
Fine material washers: Rock stars or recalcitrants?

The fine material washer – also known as a sand screw – is historically one of the most maligned of sand washing instruments. Jim Hankins recaps the history of the screw and explains why it is actually one of the most underrated – and underestimated – tools for effective sand processing. Read more »

Sand Processing
Custom, manoeuvrable wash plants with minimal footprints

Bruce Materials Processing Solutions, which in partnership with Lincom Group provides custom-built aggregate and sand washing systems in Australia, has introduced a new catalogue of washing plant tailored to producers’ specific needs. Read more »
Material is sent via a 42m long inclined conveyor to the three-deck AggreSand 206 modular wash plant.

Sand Processing
Sand, gravel plant brings quarry new lease of life

A modular wash plant and sand recovery unit has boosted the working life of a quarry that has only been back in full working order for the past couple of years. Read more »

Sand Processing
Dividends for sand plants that follow the waste stream

Producers are discovering that fines are not a redundant resource in the sand processing application. As Chris Knowles explains, there are major opportunities for savings, revenue and environmental benefits in developing ultra fines from slimes and tailings. Read more »
Max Innovate’s managing director Fintan McKeever (first from left) inspects a stockpile with two customers.

Sand Processing
Open day showcases new modular wash plant range

Washing equipment specialist McCloskey Washing Systems recently held an open day that highlighted new washing and classifying equipment for both quarrying and recycling applications. Read more »
The AquaCycle thickener at Darwin River Quarries can recycle up to 90 per cent of waste water received.

Sand Processing
Sand washing tech assists top end producer's output

A northern Australian producer has worked closely with CDE Global on a bespoke plant for production of construction and filter sands. Read more »
The AquaCycle thickener tank stores processed water for recirculation back to the wash plant.

Sand Processing
Customised processing systems offer multiple sand solutions

With sand an in-demand commodity for infrastructure projects, but also subject to rigorous extractive rules, particularly around water usage, producers are increasingly seeking processing plants that can provide productive, yet efficient solutions. Read more »

Sand Processing
Improving, optimising classification cones

A cluster of four 380mm dewatering cyclones, originally lined with 12mm alumina tiles, were sent in to wear solutions provider HMA Group for refurbishment. The producer requested HMA propose methods to increase the service life of the items. Read more »
A Cavex 500CVX hydrocyclone and Enduron VD1538 dewatering screen in action at a site in South Africa.

Sand Processing
The importance of efficient design in fines recovery

Fines recovery is vital to maximising recovery (and dollars) from the available resource, and minimising waste disposal volume and cutting costs. But how much thought goes into designing an efficient fines recovery process? Chris Lowe discusses in detail. Read more »


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