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The LP600 has a weighing capacity of 10 tonnes and accuracy down to one per cent.

Load & Haul
Portable alternative to weighbridges

Wireless and solar-powered wheel weigh pads from AccuWeigh are suitable for vehicle measuring on any flat, solid and stable surface. Read more »
The Driver Fatigue Monitor has an illuminated, infrared camera that works day and night.

Load & Haul
Dash cam watches for driver fatigue

LSM Technologies’ Driver Fatigue Monitor combines an easy to install, dash-mounted camera with intelligent video algorithms. Read more »
Notice the very tight turn and steep elevation of this haul road.

Load & Haul
Keys to extending tyre life

While quarry operations do pay attention to preserving off-the-road tyres, it is little appreciated that the impact of road surfaces, water, inflation and more can influence tyre performance and wear life and in turn affect the bottom line. Read more »


Tuesday, 21 August, 2018 06:38am
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