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The PowerROC T45 is a powerful, reliable and operator-friendly drill rig.

Drill & Blast
Surface drill offers easy operation, high-quality drilling

Notable for its efficiency and serviceability, the PowerROC T45 is suitable for construction and quarrying applications. Read more »
The CPA 295 excavator-mounted rock drill attachment aims to match the production rate of conventional drill rigs.

Global supplier unveils excavator-mounted drill attachment

Surface mining equipment supplier Joy Global has begun 2017 with the introduction of the new Montabert CPA 295 rock drill attachment for the construction and mining markets. Read more »
The LaserBond DTH hammer drill at this competitive trial in southern Australia lasted more than three times longer than the industry standards it was competing against.

Drill & Blast
DTH hammer - Drill exceeds wear life at trial

In an independent trial, a variety of DTH hammers at a hard rock mine were tested on four drill rigs. The industry-standard hammers drilled to an average depth before failure. However, one hammer model enjoyed a significant increase in operational life ... Read more »
The SmartROC C50 consumes the least amount of fuel for its size and type – 16 litres per hour on average.

Drill & Blast
Fuel efficiency: how to make additional savings

Keeping fuel costs low has never been easier. With optimised engines and hydraulic systems, “smart” drill rigs can already reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent. However, thanks to adjustable functions for hole flushing, dust collection and dust binding with water mist, operators can potentially save an extra 20 per cent reduction on fuel. Read more »
Blastboss CEO David Handel says Dryshot can achieve increased fracturing with less explosive.

Drill & Blast
Powder innovation to assist blasting performance

Ablasting technology company is marketing a new patented structural water sealing barrier to significantly improve blasting performance. Read more »
As part of its rock on ground service, Sequel Drill & Blast provides its own drill rigs

Drill & Blast
Drill, blast targets lay solid foundation for partnership

It will never be the most romantic story on earth but two medium-sized companies in the extractive and civil construction industries have certainly forged a collegial partnership with plenty of spark and impact … DAMIAN CHRISTIE reports. Read more »
Explosives used in mining detonate with a velocity up to 7000m/s and can cover up to 120km within 60 seconds.

Drill & Blast
New explosive formula a possible ‘step change’ for the industry

A 25-year research partnership could provide a significant breakthrough in the safety of explosives. Now, the commercial arm of a mining innovation initiative is working to bring a new, nitrogen oxide-free formulation to market. LOUIS WHITE reports. Read more »
Nearly every blast design available to the shot firer or blasting engineer involves compromise.

Drill & Blast
Blasting models – what are they good for?

Computer-based blasting models play an integral role in blast design choices. MARTIN ADAM, ALAN MINCHINTON and PETER DARE-BRYAN discuss how blast modelling can help achieve better fragmentation outcomes. Read more »


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