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Atlas Copco will no longer be manufacturing the Powercrusher range.

Supplier drops crushing and screening business

An international quarry equipment supplier has announced it will be discontinuing its mobile crushing and screening equipment business. Read more »
ThoroughTec has developed a significant number of its Cybermine blast hole drill rig simulator cabs for clients around the world over the past year.

Drill & Blast
Rise in demand for blast hole drill rig simulators

It is increasingly common today for quarry and mine workers to try out a simulator for plant and equipment before they get behind the controls of the real thing. Drill rigs are no exception. Read more »
If the DP1500i ran for 40 hours a week for a year, the fuel savings could offset half the cost of the machine.

Drill & Blast
Drilling through the lavascape

A US demolition company is showing that volcanic rock in the Hawaiian archipelago is no obstacle to a successful drilling operation. Read more »
BlastLogic’s 3D visualisation and direct connectivity with site drill navigation systems allow engineers to track drill depth accuracy.

Drill & Blast
Addressing common challenges in drill and blast

An integrated software package is illustrating how safety and productivity can be enhanced and how operations can achieve continuous improvement of drill and blast routines. Read more »
The current site capacity of Boral’s Ormeau Quarry is about 400,000 tonnes per annum.

Drill & Blast
Cost, productivity optimisation through blast planning, scheduling

An optimised blast plan developed between one of Australia’s largest aggregate companies and a multinational explosives supplier at a Queensland quarry has delivered significant improvements to the operation’s annual extraction plan. Karen Normanton outlines how the two parties were able to optimise blast performance, improve size and shape and reduce costs per tonne of rock. Read more »


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