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There are no rules that say drill bits must be resharpened but it is recommended for enhanced results.

Drill & Blast
Staying sharp to drive down costs

Drillers seeking to lower running costs do not have to look much further than the buttons on their drill bits. Sharp bits make money. Worn bits lose money. It is as simple as that, argues Bo Persson. Read more »
Mark Clifford, Sandvik Mining’s vice-president of sales for Australia, addresses customers at the launch of the 100th DR500 series drill rig.

Drill & Blast
Supplier celebrates 100 drills for surface mining

Sandvik Mining has celebrated the handover of its 100th DR500 series drill in Canning Vale, Western Australia. The drill rig was purchased in May by Macmahon Holdings and will be used for a gold mining project. Read more »
Blasting on the project requires a minimum of forward rock movement towards the existing roadway and a methodology that eliminates flyrock.

Drill & Blast
Blasting at the Southern Expressway Duplication

With more than one million tonnes of hard rock to be removed, the Baulderstone Abigroup joint venture for the Southern Expressway Duplication project in Adelaide, South Australia, has awarded a major contract to Impact Drill and Blast.  Read more »
Figure 1. Schematic prediction of the non-ideal detonation configuration for an example of ANFO in a 115mm diameter borehole in a limestone rock. The detonation is propagating upwards at 3.69km/s.

Drill & Blast
Blast modelling for the performance of commercial explosives

How do you get the “ideal” blast that will make your operation more productive and safer? Gary J Sharpe and Martin Braithwaite discuss the science behind the predictive modelling of blasting. Read more »
Surface connection requires the "training" of personnel in correct connexion techniques recommended by the manufacturer.

Drill & Blast
Initiating safe, successful blast practices

What do you have to do to ensure you have undertaken all the right steps towards conducting a successful blast? And how much control do you have over the process? Shane Slaughter provides some important advice on what you need to do in the pre-blast audit process and beyond. Read more »
Shot rock from a UK quarry blast has damaged two vehicles and narrowly missed a workman directing traffic.

Quarry blast goes drastically wrong

A quarry explosion has sent rocks flying 200 metres onto a public road, narrowly missing a workman but hitting waiting cars. Read more »


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