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Ten workers have been killed in an explosion at a Chinese quarry.

Explosives kill 10 in Chinese quarry

A truck carrying more than seven tonnes of explosives blew up at a quarry in southern China last week, killing 10 people and injuring 18 others. Read more »
Maxfield Drilling has won the tender to complete blast hole drilling at the Ernest Henry Mount Margaret mine in Queensland.

Maxfield orders new equipment for Queensland tender

Atlas Copco is to deliver three ROC D65 and two ROC F9C SmartRigs to Maxfield Drilling for a new tender the contractor has just won in Queensland. Read more »
A set of pocket cards summarise issues such as properties of rock types, airblast overpressure, blast design and calculations, and emergency procedures.

Drill & Blast
Improving explosives, blasting competence for supervisors, managers

This month, Graham Terrey delivers Professional Development Program workshops on explosives and blasting for the IQA. Graham discusses the learning objectives of the workshops and other resources that quarries can utilise to ensure health and safety in explosives management. Read more »
Boral sites in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region were the first to trial the uni tronic 600.

Drill & Blast
New, affordable electronic blasting systems

Using Electronic Blasting Systems (EBS) as a primary initiation product in the mining and quarrying industry is still viewed as innovative, although the technology has been available for over a decade. Read more »
Figure 1. A blast-induced “back break”. All holes were loaded the same but the blast ratio on the ends is double in the middle. It can be avoided by reorienting the faces and altering the design and timings.

Reducing piles through better blasting

All too often blasting is undertaken with little regard for the geological conditions and the wrong type of explosives are used, resulting in blast piles higher than the actual face. Ian Thomas explains why a more scientific – and efficient - approach is needed in the blasting process. Read more »
Figure 1. Sensitised Rioflex.

Drill & Blast
Watergel or emulsion: Which is the better bulk explosive?

In the battle between water gels and emulsions for the perfect bulk explosive, Brent Buffham explains that Maxam’s Rioflex variable density product is the best compromise. Read more »
During drilling, the operator can follow the penetration rate and hole depth, distance to target, number of required rods and current  feed alignment.

Drill & Blast
Advanced navigation system for surface drilling

A new 3D navigation system for surface drilling has been unveiled by Sandvik Mining, using satellite navigation to guide the location and angle of drill holes to match a quarry’s drilling plan. Read more »


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