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Figure 1. The Plan > Do > Check > Act > Plan cycle of continuous improvement.

Load & Haul
Continuous improvement equals productivity, efficiency

“Productivity” and “efficiency” are two words that are often overused in industry today. How often do quarry and plant managers drive productivity and efficiency by implementing new methodologies? In an industry where cost savings are imperative and margins are tight, the best operations require real control over what actually happens in both the quarry and the plant. Subscription required. Read more »
In the wet processing and classification market, an understanding of the specifics of the feed material is critical to the delivery of a successful project.

Plant & Equipment
Co-creation: A means of delivering efficient plant design

As demands on quarry operators for productivity and efficiency rises, plant selection and design becomes critical – and, as Peter Craven explains, so does the input the operator provides to the manufacturer to design the best plant possible. Subscription required. Read more »
Figure 1. Creating a clamp force load via application of torque.

Why nut and bolt fastened joints fail

They’re often taken for granted but fasteners and other fittings can be vital to the operational life of your machinery. Vaughan Bartleson explains why fasteners work, why some joints fail and how quarries can mitigate problems. Subscription required. Read more »
Private sales of used equipment can easily be financed, saving significant dollars on the cost, if paid under the monthly in arrears model.

No bootstraps: getting your equipment finance right

In today’s business environment, financial institutions are tightening the screws when it comes to equipment finance. Mark O’Donoghue discusses the hidden dangers of concentration risk and how quarry operators can dictate the manner in which they repay their debts. Subscription required. Read more »
Finlease focuses on ensuring its clients are well represented when financing their equipment.

Advocacy-focused equipment financing

Finlease has been providing equipment and vehicle financing solutions to the quarrying industry for more than 20 years. Read more »
The NSW government's <em>Fatigue management evaluation manual</em>.

Coping with mental health issues in quarries

In 2015, suicides within the quarrying and mining industries convinced many industry people that more had to be done to address the specific mental health issues of workers. Kylie Newton discusses what quarry operators can do to support and assist workers in doubt. Subscription required. Read more »
It is important that you position your company as a “secured creditor” on any supply of payment terms to your end user client. This ensures property is not subject to “preferential payment clawback”.

Preparing for the next upswing

While quarry operators and contractors will always welcome additional work and the ensuing turnover and profits that come with it, Mark O'Donoghue warns that businesses that take on such assignments must be adequately prepared to manage a complex mix of paperwork, extra borrowings, finance, debtor discounting and cash flows. Subscription required. Read more »
Wholly owned items of equipment, such as earthmoving plant, can provide businesses with security for tax debt loans.

Financing tax debt

With statistics saying that up to one third of small businesses are under some form of ongoing tax debt with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and the uncertainty of these arrangements and issues they can cause when companies apply for other finance with mainstream lenders, it is encouraging to see that a number of property financiers are now assisting companies in tax debt finance. Subscription required. Read more »
Australian Standard AS 5062-2016 applies to the excavators, bulldozers, loaders and trucks used on quarry sites.

Personnel urged to familiarise with changes to fire safety standards

Australian Standard AS 5062-2016 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment has recently been revised to promote improved fire safety. Read more »
Money is just another key component of business - similar to raw materials, plant and equipment, and labour.

Seeking an overdraft alternative

In today’s business environment, access to cheap flexible cash is paramount. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips & Advice
Assessing the “value at risk” of a quarry operation

When it comes to determining the net present value of a quarrying operation, it is recommended that valuers use an appropriate risk analysis tool. Shaun Berry and Darren Herdman explain why the Monte Carlo simulation model is highly recommended. Subscription required. Read more »
Cyber liability is extremely important for providing business interruption cover when businesses are attacked by ransomware. Without it, how long would it take your business to run again at 100 per cent efficiency?

Other Products
The risks hidden in plain sight

In society today, the need to use insurance is increasing, and the risks involved in quarrying exceed what’s happening in the foreground. Dale Mackney discusses the insurance policies of which we are less aware, but that are vital to the smooth running of any operation. Subscription required. Read more »

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