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Safety Dimensions says it can increase productivity with its services

Devising a safety leadership framework in construction

For safety on the job, most projects and organisations focus on systems compliance and controlling frontline staff and workers. Louise Quinn explains how John Holland Group has worked to build a safety leadership culture from top to bottom. Read more »
The swollen Burnett River at Gayndah, 350km north of Brisbane, during the Queensland floods.

Force majeure: A practical approach

Extreme weather and recent natural disasters have derailed some of our most important primary industries. Bill Morrissey and Julia Lawrence explain how a force majeure clause in contracts can protect quarrying operations whose obligations are impacted by the elements. Read more »
A detailed carbon inventory will reduce costs.

Company records of carbon inventories inefficient

With a carbon tax looming, there are signs that organisations have insufficient mechanisms to disclose their carbon footprints. Read more »
Caterpillar has engineered a new equipment mangement system

Load & Haul
Integrating mine operations, managing equipment

A new system for equipment management at mines was recently developed by Caterpillar in an attempt to meet mine manager's individual needs. Read more »


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