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The K-Redi-Liner range is engineered using modern composite polymer technology as a modern substitute to the much heavier steel constructed equivalents.

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Heavy-duty high-tech equipment wake-up call

Members of the industry write to Quarry, commenting in response to the latest industry news - and providing advice based on their own workplace experiences ... Read more »
John Stanton, President of the IQA

Time to ‘have a go’ in IQA Awards

The Institute of Quarrying Australia's awards program has been announced for 2015. John Stanton explains why IQA members should be throwing their hats into the ring ...  Read more »
Damian Christie, Editor of Quarry Magazine

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The renewable energy sector - A big deal for quarrying

The lowering of the Renewable Energy Target is a "win" on two fronts, according to Damian Christie - but it presents opportunities that the quarry industry must embrace quickly and decisively ... Read more »


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