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The Prince Henry Heights quarry gardens were to cost council $60 million  in 2003 that has now reached $84 million.

Proposed quarry gardens put on hold

A plan by a regional council to build a public garden inside a quarry has been put on the backburner. Read more »
The one-stop shop process means that the Commonwealth’s environmental assessment process for mines will be transferred to state governments.

New rollout for controversial approval scheme

The new Federal Government scheme has advanced its rollout of the controversial one-stop shop for environmental approvals, with another state joining the fray. Read more »
Komatsu’s hybrid HB205 excavator is one of the products contributing to reductions in carbon emissions.

Green Komatsu gains global tick

CDP, a program used to evaluate corporate engagement in global climate change, has named Komatsu as a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Read more »
A NSW astronomer is protesting a quarry application because the proposed plant will obstruct his view of the night sky.

Star gazing hampered by quarry

An amateur astronomer wants a clear view of rocks in the night sky that is not obstructed by the removal of rocks on Earth. Read more »
Conveyor hoods and covers are recommended to mitigate dust emissions.

Managing your assets against dust

Silicosis is one of the three most prevalent occupationally-related dust diseases in Australia. Analysis confirmed more than 1000 pneumoconiosis-related fatalities occurred from 1979 to 2002, 56 per cent of which were caused by asbestosis, 38 per cent by silicosis and six per cent by coal workers pneumoconiosis (CWP). Read more »
The benefits of Heavy Water Dynamic include enhanced ground compaction and minimised erosion of soil.

Dust suppressant solution with a technological edge

A dust solutions company’s polymer surfactant technology is providing a dynamic solution in the suppression of excessive haulage dust and water costs in quarry operations. Read more »


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