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An artist’s impression of the Hornsby Quarry rehabilitation project after completion. Image courtesy: Hornsby Shire Council.

Hornsby Quarry spoil upgrade commences

Two years after geologists lobbied to preserve New South Wales’ Hornsby quarry, a multi-million dollar conveyor system has arrived to begin filling in the site. Read more »
Boral’s appeal against its rejected $2 billion Gold Coast quarry proposal has been dismissed.

Environment Court dismisses appeal for $2 billion quarry

Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court has backed a local council’s decision to deny Boral the right to proceed with a $2 billion quarry project on the Gold Coast. Read more »
The ‘Passing Light’ sculpture features a series of horizontal fissures that enable visitors to view the garden through the wall.

Garden to showcase century of quarrying

The Institute of Quarrying (IQUK) has celebrated its centenary year by commissioning a Quarry Garden at a prestigious flower show in Derbyshire, UK. Read more »
VCAT recently ruled that the planning permit for the Hillhead quarry site has expired. Image courtesy: Herald-Sun.

Plans on hold after granite pit permit expires

Plans submitted to extend the life of a former Victorian granite quarry have been placed on the shelf, after the state’s civil administrative tribunal determined the planning permit had expired. Read more »
The 25ha Lilydale Quarry site includes undisturbed land and large areas of overburden, as well as a quarry pit approximately 120 metres deep.

Former quarry site to be part of new Aussie suburb

A former quarry that operated for 135 years is set to be redeveloped into a new housing project in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs. Read more »
The RoXplorer drill rig is set to “revitalise” Australia’s mining industry.

“Revolutionary” drill rig trials conducted

A new drilling rig system has undergone successful trials in South Australia, with the technology being described as having the capability to “revitalise” Australia’s mining and quarrying industries. Read more »
A council’s investment in an innovative water storage project has paid off. Image courtesy: Glen Innes Examiner

Innovative project delivers profits

A water storage project completed in 2015 has paid off, with the local council at the helm expecting a profit of more than half a million dollars this financial year. Read more »
Boral is appealing the decision made against its proposed quarry site.

Boral to appeal dismissal over proposed Gold Coast quarry

Boral has announced it will appeal the decision of Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court that has denied the company the right to proceed with a new project on the Gold Coast. Read more »
A rare bird species is being protected at an active UK quarry. Image courtesy: BBC News.

Rare birds “under 24-hour guard” at UK quarry

A rare European bird species which has reportedly not been seen since 1970 has been spotted at a working quarry and is now under strict protection. Read more »
A northern NSW quarry has been fined $15,000 for ‘inadequate’ erosion and sediment controls.

Quarry fined for failed erosion controls

A New South Wales north coast quarry has been heavily fined after failing to satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency that it had implemented sufficient controls to protect the environment. Read more »
Approximately 30 million litres of water per day will be sourced from 22 quarries north of Chennai, India.

Multiple quarries to supply quality drinking water

For the first time, residents of Chennai, on India’s northeast coast, will consume rainwater collected from stone quarry sites. Read more »
The Glen Innes quarry turned water project site has been renamed Eerindii Ponds. Image courtesy: Glen Innes Examiner.

Name change for water-based storage project

A New South Wales quarry turned water storage project has been renamed to reflect its Aboriginal heritage. Read more »

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