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Militants have reportedly been raiding quarries for plant and equipment during both day and night.

Quarry machinery ‘borrowed’ by militants

In an interesting turn of events, quarry machinery is being stolen by militant groups to improve war zone fortifications - and then returned to their owners. Read more »
The remains of a temple believed to be more than 3000 years old was found at the Gebel el Silsila quarry in Egypt. Source: The Gebel el Silsila Survey Project.

‘Lost’ Egyptian temple discovered in ancient quarry

The remains of an ancient Egyptian temple that was thought to have been lost to history have been uncovered in a quarry. Read more »
Australian opal is being considered for the prestigious Global Heritage Stone Resource designation.

Geologists debate resource status of Aussie opal

Debate is raging about whether Australian opal qualifies for an international designation that was initially reserved for architectural dimension stone. Read more »
Holcim’s shareholders have approved new terms for the company's merger with Lafarge.

Shareholder approval paves way for merger

Shareholders have approved new terms for a merger that will unite two of the world’s largest construction materials manufacturers. Read more »
Two quarry fatalities have prompted NZ unions to lobby for tougher health and safety reforms.

Quarry deaths spark calls for reform

New Zealand unions have called for tougher, more robust safety legislation reforms after the deaths of two quarry workers. Read more »
Hive Energy’s solar farm proposal would involve initiatives to encourage biodiversity.

Solar farm pitched for disused quarry

A solar energy farm is the latest in a string of redevelopment proposals pitched for a quarry that has lain inactive for two decades. Read more »


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