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Ford has developed a life-size, fully functional Tonka truck.

Tonka trucks brought to life

The company behind Tonka trucks has teamed up with an automotive manufacturer to turn its fans’ dreams into a reality – in the form of a life-size, working version of the toy. Read more »
Holcim and Lafarge have renegotiated the governance and exchange ratio for their proposed merger.

Renegotiations progress landmark merger

Global building materials giants Holcim and Lafarge have agreed on new terms for their landmark merger. Read more »
One company is hoping to one day bring back “moon rocks” from the moon.

Is the moon the next frontier in mining?

Mining on the moon may soon become a reality if a company achieves its goal of sending the first commercial robotic spacecraft to the lunar body next year. Read more »
Holcim and Lafarge have renegotiated the terms of their proposed merger.

Cement giants clash over merger terms

Global construction materials giants Lafarge and Holcim are in talks to renegotiate the terms of a proposed merger that was slated to create the world’s largest cement company. Read more »
Rocks from the quarry blast were said to have narrowly missed hitting employees, with road users also endangered when large debris fell onto the nearby highway.

Blast incident highlights importance of planning

A contractor that conducted a dangerous quarry blast has been prosecuted, serving as a reminder of the importance of careful blast planning. Read more »


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