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The rare 65.5-carat rough purple apatite has been cut into a 21.53-carat faceted gemstone. Photo © Dennis Creaser.

Quarry yields record-breaking gemstone

A quarry that operated in the early 1900s is believed to have yielded the largest piece of apatite ever to be found in North America. Read more »
The mortars used in Imperial Roman structures such as the Colosseum have been found to be more durable than their modern counterparts, and to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Ancient Roman mortar formula to improve modern concrete

So, what did the Romans ever do for us? Well, the mortar used in ancient Roman monuments could hold the key to developing more resilient and environmentally-friendly concrete, according to new research. Read more »
Researchers have found carvings in the ancient Egyptian Gebel el Silsila sandstone quarry.

Dig site yields ancient quarry carvings

Relief carvings discovered at a quarry that is thousands of years old are believed to depict the way in which Egyptians transported their stone in ancient times. Read more »


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