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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, pictured with Deborah Woodrup (Caterpillar) and Michael Benic (Hanson), happily posed for pictures.

Toowoomba meeting showcases growth, new talent

The IQA has hailed its 60th annual conference in Toowoomba as a great success that showcased the region’s infrastructure growth and utilised local support and talent. Read more »
Bowers Quarry is located in England’s southern coast and will host a monument dedicated to biodiversity. Image courtesy: Albion Stone.

Tourist attraction to open on active site

More than a decade after being approved, an innovative tourist monument is set to open at a stone quarry and mine site in 2020. Read more »
Archaeologists have discovered evidence that shows how the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza in approximately 2600 BC. Image courtesy: The Daily Mail.

Ancient scroll highlights pyramid construction

An ancient papyrus scroll recently discovered in Egypt is believed to have revealed how ancient Egyptians transported limestone to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. Read more »
A disused, flooded quarry in Scotland plays host to the World Stone Skimming Championships. Image courtesy: Brendan O’Hara.

Disused site hosts unique, global competition

The 20th World Stone Skimming Championships, held annually in a flooded, disused quarry on a remote Scottish island, brought in more than 800 participants and spectators from all around the world this year. Read more »
Two workers scale the cliffs of the quarry to remove any clutter that could harm quarry workers. Image courtesy: The New York Times.

History of marble brought to light

The demand for marble currently fuelled by the Middle East has brought the rich back story of the marble-producing quarries of Italy back into the spotlight. Read more »
The 2017 Steinexpo brought in 12 per cent more visitors than its last exhibition.

Outdoor exhibition delivers record numbers

Organisers and suppliers have delivered live demonstrations of new plant and equipment to the largest audience yet at the 10th Steinexpo. Read more »
Boral has reported steady profits for the 2017 financial year.

Boral sales bolstered via infrastructure demand

Boral’s global profits significantly increased in the 2017 financial year, with Australia’s ‘high performing business’ contributing to sales. Read more »
The NZ capital Wellington will face an aggregate shortage if the city’s Kiwi Point Quarry does not expand its operations.

NZ capital to address impending aggregate shortage

New Zealand’s capital city will exhaust its rock supply within two decades if it does not expand operations at its only quarry. Read more »
One of Game of Thrones’ most recognisable sites, Magheramorne Quarry. Image courtesy: The Belfast Telegraph

Historic quarries vying to be top tourist sites

The owners of two idle quarries have spent more than seven years lobbying local council to transform both into tourist destinations, with one said to potentially ‘rival’ Belfast’s Titanic Attraction. Read more »
Approximately 30 million litres of water per day will be sourced from 22 quarries north of Chennai, India.

Multiple quarries to supply quality drinking water

For the first time, residents of Chennai, on India’s northeast coast, will consume rainwater collected from stone quarry sites. Read more »
A fossilised dinosaur skeleton was recently discovered in a quarry factory in the UK. Image courtesy: Express Digest.

Routine factory visit digs up dinosaur bones

Fossils of an ‘extremely rare’ dinosaur skeleton believed to be up to 132 million years old have recently been unearthed at a building materials factory in the UK. Read more »
A rare bird species is being protected at an active UK quarry. Image courtesy: BBC News.

Rare birds “under 24-hour guard” at UK quarry

A rare European bird species which has reportedly not been seen since 1970 has been spotted at a working quarry and is now under strict protection. Read more »


Monday, 23 October, 2017 03:09pm
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