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Ford has developed a life-size, fully functional Tonka truck.

Tonka trucks brought to life

The company behind Tonka trucks has teamed up with an automotive manufacturer to turn its fans’ dreams into a reality – in the form of a life-size, working version of the toy. Read more »
Holcim and Lafarge have renegotiated the governance and exchange ratio for their proposed merger.

Renegotiations progress landmark merger

Global building materials giants Holcim and Lafarge have agreed on new terms for their landmark merger. Read more »
A mine emergency was simulated to demonstrate how local emergency services work together.

Emergency response teams simulate mine incident

A recent simulation has demonstrated how on-site teams can work with local emergency services to co-ordinate a strong response to serious mining incidents. Read more »
The 2015 Environmental Scan forecasts current and future skilling needs.

Report identifies need for industry upskilling

A number of challenges confronting the quarrying sector, as well as the current and future skilling needs for the Australian resources and infrastructure industries, have been identified in a new report from the industry’s national skills council. Read more »
The council plans to transform the abandoned Hornsby Quarry into parklands by 2021.

Spoil deal to transform quarry in six years

A council has accepted an offer that could transform its inactive local quarry into a recreational community space within the next few years. Read more »
CSIRO’s dry slag granulation technology can be fitted to blast furnaces to produce granulated slag and heated air.

Greener cement from new steel-making process

Scientists have developed a new process that converts a steel manufacturing by-product into a material ideal for use in cement. Read more »
Gunnedah Quarry Products has been ordered to contribute $32,000 towards koala research.

Koalas to benefit from quarry licence breach

A quarry operator that exceeded its extraction limit has been ordered to pay a “fine” by funding a local koala research project. Read more »
Holcim and Lafarge have renegotiated the terms of their proposed merger.

Cement giants clash over merger terms

Global construction materials giants Lafarge and Holcim are in talks to renegotiate the terms of a proposed merger that was slated to create the world’s largest cement company. Read more »
Funding has been secured to fill Hornsby Quarry with spoil from the NorthConnex project.

Local, state, federal govts team up for quarry rehab

All three tiers of government have agreed to contribute $22 million in funding to transform a long disused quarry into a recreational area for its local community. Read more »
The Wauchope quarry has exceeded its annual licence limit for the last two years.

Licence breach costs quarry operator thousands

A quarry operator has been fined thousands of dollars for exceeding its annual extraction limit – for the second year in a row. Read more »
Resources and mining ranked second in having gender diversity policies in place but was rated poorly for implementing them.

Extractive industries urged to do more on gender gap

A study has ranked the mining and resources industry as one of the top three sectors to advocate gender diversity but notes there is still room for improvement. Read more »
Slag selected from Australian Steel Mill Services' site has been used in Jamie North’s Rock Melt exhibit.

Aggregate to ‘rock’ art exhibit

Recycled construction material and aggregate will heavily feature in an upcoming art exhibit that explores the dynamic between industry and nature. Read more »


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