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Researchers believe they now know how the bluestones at Stonehenge were quarried and transported.

Research chips away at Stonehenge mystery

Researchers claim to have discovered more about the ancient quarrying techniques behind the creation of Stonehenge while excavating two quarries they believe yielded the mysterious monument’s iconic stones. Read more »
Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio first announced the cash bond option during a meeting in Bendigo with members of the region’s minerals industry.

Option offered to reduce quarry rehab costs

A state government has announced a new measure to help reduce site rehabilitation costs for quarry operators. Read more »
Hornsby Quarry contains a “perfect” cross-section of a diatreme.

Geologists lobby to preserve quarry rock formation

Geologists are lobbying to modify a spoil management plan that could reduce access to a scientifically significant rock formation in an old quarry. Read more »
Myriota will use a fleet of low earth orbit satellites to provide two-way, high volume and real time data connectivity services for customers with remote sensors and devices across a range of industries.

Telco start-up could benefit quarry industry

A new Australian telecommunications start-up promises to provide more economical machine to machine communications solutions for a range of industries, including quarrying. Read more »
(L-R) MinEx chairman Chris Baker marks the launch of the Good Practice Guidelines for the NZ quarry industry with WorkSafe NZ's chief extractives inspector Tony Foster and Aggregate and Quarry Association president Brian Roche.

NZ launches guidelines in response to fatalities

After a succession of fatalities this year, New Zealand has unveiled good practice guidelines for quarrying. Read more »
A US mine inspector got more than he bargained for when a quarry operator allegedly bared his buttocks in defiance.

‘Rogue’ operator bares all in inspection fight

A US quarry operator has reportedly shown a lot of cheek in the face of the law. Read more »
The new US “Space Act” opens the way for US citizens and corporations to own and sell natural resources mined from asteroids.

US ‘asteroid act’ opens ethical can of worms

The extractive industry is another step closer to the “final frontier” – after the US Congress passed a law in favour of the mining of asteroids. Read more »
To provide aggregate for the runway, Wagners set up its own quarry at the airport site and extracted more than eight million tonnes of basalt.

‘Can-do’ attitude proves the difference in airport project

The keynote speaker for the IQA conference in Adelaide this year was Denis Wagner, director of the family-owned and Toowoomba-based civil construction company Wagners. Read more »

Setting the tone for infrastructure building

The 58th IQA national conference was held in Adelaide, the “City of Churches”, from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 October, with over 400 delegates in attendance. Andrew Wilson reports. Read more »


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