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The DustBoss has proven so efficient that Linwood estimates the unit paid for itself in the first month of use.

Other Products
Dust suppression reduces downtime in limestone operation

One of America’s largest limestone mining operations has dramatically reduced process downtime with a high powered dust suppression system so efficient that a plant spokesman has estimated it paid for itself in the first month of use. Read more »
ADE’s spray head range can solve the age-old problem of water leakage.

Water spray head design to save thousands on maintenance costs

Australian engineers have launched a new range of water spray heads that will solve the age-old problem of water leakage, with early estimates showing annual maintenance costs could be as low as two per cent of regular spray heads’ costs, saving operators thousands of dollars. Read more »
Proof Engineers general manager Fiorella Ignacio says the PRCM has been specifically designed for measuring road and pit performance on an ongoing basis.

Load & Haul
Live stream device for monitoring haul road conditions

Following the launch of its proof mobile dust monitor (PMDM) last year, award-winning Queensland engineering company Proof Engineers has released an innovative road condition monitor, a major technological advancement for the measurement and monitoring of haul road performance across mine sites. Read more »


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