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The spiral pulley is part of CPA's range of conveyor pulleys.

Engineered conveyor pulleys

Conveyor Pulleys Australia (CPA), a subsidiary of TSS, specialises in engineered conveyor pulleys in standard or custom designs. Read more »
Flying this unmanned vehicle is easy with intuitive desktop flight planning software.

Easy surveying with UAV

The SIRIUS UAV is a lightweight, durable, fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for high accuracy DEM and orthophoto purposes. Read more »
The Little Duggie gets to work under an operating conveyor.

Safe material recovery and clean up

Minprovise’s Dugless 900 (fondly known as the “Little Duggie”) is designed to crawl under conveyors and is remote-controlled to allow the operator to stand clear from harm’s way.
Read more »
Gates has a hose that is not only flexible but suited to a wide range of fluids.

Flexible oil, air and water hose

PremoFlex is the perfect choice for multiple applications requiring a highly flexible, cost-effective industrial hose with maximum resistance to petroleum oils, kerosene, and fuel oil (to 49°C) and lubricating oils (to 100°C). Read more »
The Super Polecat can be used for dust control or water evaporation.

Maintenance Products
Mobile dust buster

The COLDmist Super Polecat system is designed to move easily around a site, permitting quick repositioning of the unit to take advantage of changing wind direction and speed. Read more »
The Aibot X6 is very flexible in its abilities to move and capture information.

New Products
Aerial mapping and imaging

The Aibot X6 is a highly flexible aerial imaging and mapping solution, with a propeller-based design enabling access to difficult locations, from a range of angles and at close range. Read more »


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