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KTV compact portable slurry pumps are easy to set up, abrasion-resistant and come with a three-year warranty.

Other Products
Submersible pumps offer savings for quarry operators

A local supplier backed up by Japanese expertise and ingenuity is offering a range of economical, submersible pumps for quarry operators. Read more »
Geotube technology helped LAWS substantially reduce the quantity of difficult material that needed to be disposed of in a recent dredging operation.

Environmental Products
Dewatering technology optimises dredging operation

Using innovative new technology, a UK-based civil engineering, dredging and remediation contractor has accelerated on-site sludge dewatering while substantially reducing the amount of difficult materials that require disposal. Read more »
Calcination is a thermal treatment method applied to ores and other solid materials to bring about thermal decomposition.

Other Products
Virtual simulation of processing technology and calciners

Large scale calciners used in mineral processing can be analysed at the design stage to mitigate the technical risk associated with the process technology and materials used in the construction of these plants. Read more »
The AggreSand 165 provides a fully integrated feeding, screening and sand washing solution on one modular chassis.

Other Products
Modular wash plant makes splashdown in Dubbo sand quarry

Dubbo, New South Wales, was home to the first in a series of international open days unveiling a new modular wash plant – the Terex Washing Systems Aggresand 165. Read more »


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