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With many markets increasing recycling, Astec has introduced an improved Double Barrel HR.

New Products
Improved RAP dryer/mixer

Astec has increased the ability of its double-barrel drum dryer/mixer to handle reclaimed asphalt pavement. Read more »
One way it’s a smart tailored warm vest.

New Products
Two-way street for Volvo safety

Volvo’s design winning high visibility reversible vest combines two products in one. Read more »
The Duckboard system is designed to protect the lip of a dump truck tray, which can wear away from continuous loading and unloading.

Load & Haul
Dump truck tray protector

Keech’s Armourtech patented duckboard system protects the lip of a dump truck tray, increasing integrity and extending service life. Read more »
B Series vibrators are TENV designs with high temperature windings and enclosures.

Bulk material vibrators

Durable heavy-duty vibrators improve process flow and efficiency for bulk material handlers. Read more »


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