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The Dustbuster pump is capable of flows of up to 2900 litres per minute, with operating  pressures of up to 100psi.

Tanker pump offers dust solution for haul roads

Leading pump supplier offers dust solutions for quarry and construction sites. Read more »
RST applies heavy water solution into Boral’s haul road watering program to mitigate excessive dust caused by damaged or unsealed haul roads.

Dust is busted at West Burleigh Quarry

A southeast Queensland Boral operator employs a dust suppression contractor to reduce its dust emissions – with excellent results. Read more »
Before: GVW’s Shepparton wastewater treatment plant was considered odorous and unsustainable.

Demystifying sustainability for business improvement

It is very easy for businesses to confuse sustainability with broader environmental issues and debates and to completely rule it out of their operations. Nick Fleming explains why sustainability should not be feared and how it can be utilised to improve the bottom line. Read more »
Dust monitors are increasingly being used to ensure that quarries comply with dust control measures.

Sustaining environmental management through training

In line with requests from its members, the IQA later this month conducts two PDP workshops on environmental management. Facilitator Clayton Hill explains why environmental considerations are becoming ingrained in a quarry’s daily operations and why they cannot be ignored. Read more »
Before: A mobile plant and stockpile “choking” in dust contamination.

Orange oil, foam key agents in war against dust

A dust suppressing foam technology is just what the doctor ordered for reducing airborne dust emissions, improving worker health and safety. Read more »


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