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The Foam Water Spray VFS System (circled) is a standard emergency provision on the average truck.

Environmental Products
Ensuring fire protection for heavy quarry vehicles

With the risk of fire ever-present in the operation of quarry vehicles, first-class safety systems and procedures are essential. Inadequate or improper fire protection in this highly specialised sector can, in the case of a fire, expose workers to extreme dangers, lead to potential loss of life, equipment and assets, and cause extensive downtime. Read more »
All clear: Hazell Bros' secondary and tertiary crushing and screening circuit at its Leslie Vale plant initially filled the shed with volumes of dust.

Foam solution proves a godsend

When Hazell Bros began operating an enclosed crushing and screening circuit, it did not account for the sheer volume of dust it would generate. As Damian Christie reports, it sent an SOS to a dust suppression supplier whose foam agent has worked wonders. Read more »
SafeSpine emphasises warm up stretches that prevent muscle imbalances and soft tissue creep.

Hard data on fixing soft tissue injury

Australia’s most common workplace injuries – sprains and strains – are also our most stubborn but one program backed by hard data is making a difference. Read more »


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