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CPI offers high quality spare parts and wear parts for the mining and quarrying industries.

Quality spare wear parts

Crusher Parts International (CPI) offers a wide range of high quality spare parts for various models of cone crushers. Read more >>
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Hong Hui’s polyurethane mesh has been developed to replace metal meshes in all screening machines.

New Products
Wear resistant polyurethane screen mesh

Highly elastic with an easy installation, Hong Hui’s vibrating screen mesh features an impact proof body and a compact design. Read more >>
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The Loadrite C-series product range is designed for fixed and mobile crushing and screening plants.

Belt scales offer increased productivity

The Loadrite C-series belt scales are designed to ensure accurate weighing for mobile crushers, screeners and stackers. Read more >>
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FlexiClean mixers feature robust construction for maximum reliability and low operating costs.

New Products
FlexiClean mixers offer reliability, innovation

Aran’s FlexiClean mixers provide robust construction and a state of the art modular design to aid low operating costs. Read more >>
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With advancements in dust control technology, a new range of mining nozzles has been released.

Environmental Products
New, updated mining nozzles range

Spray Nozzle Engineering’s new nozzle technology supports the quarrying industry’s need for dust contamination control. Read more >>
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Bonfiglioli’s TQF series are known for their high torsional stiffness, tilting abilities and compactness.

Reliable, accurate gearbox series

Bonfiglioli’s new low backlash TQF series of flanged gearboxes are ideally suited to quarrying applications. Read more >>
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Montabert’s hydraulic drifters are recognised for high performance, reliability and low tool consumption.

Hydraulic drifter offers lower maintenance costs

The Montabert HC28 hydraulic drifter features an innovative design, flexibility and versatility. Read more >>
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Navman’s software solutions provide fleet management services for construction materials.

Load & Haul
Remote software backs fleet management

Teletrac Navman’s software solutions support fleet operators who co-ordinate loading, and provides real time insight into operating costs. Read more >>
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The PowerROC T-series rigs are equipped with either single and/or extendable boom systems and carousel rod-type handling systems.

Drill & Blast
“Simple” rig keeps it all in the family

The latest model rig in a multinational OEM’s surface drill rig range is staying true to its family traits – and keeping things simple. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Rebuild results in crusher power savings

When an investment in new equipment is not feasible, a rebuild is an option that can also result in significant improvements. This was the case at Norstone Tau, Norway. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Suspended magnets remove large amounts of ferrous materials and can be customised to capture tramp in shallow or deep burden depths.

Eliminating tramp metal protects downstream equipment

Removing damaging tramp metal from aggregate processing streams is one of the most important measures taken to not only enhance product purity but protect expensive downstream equipment. Subscription required. Read more >>
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The RDS Loadmaster scale enables operators to track movement of raw material and ensure trucks are within legal tolerances.

Load & Haul
On-board scales take the load off weight problems

Two quarry managers have shared their experiences of using loader scales and how it has proved a simple but vital technology to increase load accuracy, save time and track material. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Saturday, 29 April, 2017 11:30pm
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