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LSM Technologies’ Q-Cabair air system quickly filtrates and recirculates internal air to maximise health and compliance.

Environmental Products
Superior, dust-free air supply

The Q-Cabair system, from LSM Technologies, protects quarry operators and equipment while enhancing overall performance. Read more »
LSM Technologies’ tyre monitoring systems provide accurate and reliable digital tyre pressure readings.

Load & Haul
Robust tyre monitoring system

LSM Technologies’ TMSystems provide accurate, durable and real-time data on the condition of tyres. Read more »
Ride-On Tyre Protection System increases tyre life and maintains longer set point pressures.

Tyre protection system prevents flats

LSM Technologies’ Ride-On Tyre Protection System is a line of sealants and balancers designed to prevent flats caused by punctures. Read more »
The Driver Fatigue Monitor has an illuminated, infrared camera that works day and night.

Load & Haul
Dash cam watches for driver fatigue

LSM Technologies’ Driver Fatigue Monitor combines an easy to install, dash-mounted camera with intelligent video algorithms. Read more »
An excavator with a RESPA cabin pressuriser and filtration unit.

Load & Haul
Filtration system for cabin applications

The RESPA cabin pressuriser and filtration system is ideal for applications that require optimum cabin pressurisation and clean, fresh air. Read more »
Through its new division, LSM can design, manufacture and certify HVAC systems for both fixed and mobile cabins.

Mobile Plant
‘One stop shop’ for cabin filtration needs

LSM Technologies has launched a new division that designs heavy cabins and industrial HVAC systems for fixed and mobile plant. Read more »
Q-Cabair maintains optimal thermal and pressure conditions within the cabin.

New Products
Air system offers optimal cabin conditions

LSM Technologies’ Q-Cabair cabin environmental air system helps protect quarry staff and equipment. Read more »
The SmartLink tablet can be used for all of LSM’s tyre monitoring system vehicle applications.

Load & Haul
Mobile tyre pressure monitoring

LSM Technologies in collaboration with Doran has launched the SmartLink tablet, said to be a first in pneumatic tyre monitoring systems. Read more »
SafetyTrax IVMS is a web-based monitoring solution.

Web-based vehicle monitoring

The LSM SafetyTrax IVMS system is a powerful monitoring solution scalable from a single vehicle up to thousands.

Read more »
Air quality in a cabin is vital for operator health and safety.

Drill & Blast
Air quality assured

The RESPA HVAC cabin air systems can be used in any application that suffers from particulate inundation. Read more »


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