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Editor's Desk
Does the industry need mascots to refine its message?

Damian Christie considers the potential role of mascots in the quarrying industry. Read more >>
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The letterbox-like ERSS (centre) provides a significantly safer, more portable alternative in combating small fires on mobile crushing and screening plants.

Case Studies
“Smallest of quarries” devises innovative, award-winning solution

A small quarry operation run by a medium-sized Australian aggregate company has received one of the IQA’s highest honours after it devised an innovative solution to a critical safety dilemma. IQA member Daniel Reed discusses the evolution of the Emergency Response and Safety Station. Read more >>
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President's Desk
Toowoomba meeting to highlight the importance of our regions

IQA President John Mitas discusses the upcoming annual conference in Toowoomba. Read more >>
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Glenwood Pit has proven to be an important test site for Superior Industries’ new inventory of plant and equipment.

Supplier plays in its own sandbox, replicates customer experience

A supplier of screening, crushing, washing and conveying equipment has found it is very worthwhile owning its own extractive operation. The quarry has given the supplier the chance to field test its inventory of new plant and equipment, and to step into its customers’ shoes. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Feeders are big contributors in the overall success of a screening and crushing plant.

Feeding your plant the right “diet”

Feeders, like various glasses to drinking beverages, are receptacles for the processing of different specs of aggregate. Paul Smith argues matching the right feeder to the right raw materials is vital to saving crusher wear costs and boosting plant capacity. Subscription required. Read more >>
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An overview of the M2500, AquaCycle and filter press in action.

Plant & Equipment
Bespoke solutions that assist tailings pond, slime management

One of the world’s largest wet processing equipment manufacturers is encouraging sand and aggregate producers to maximise their returns on investment and gain significant competitive advantages while minimising environmental impact. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Vibration analysis is used for maintenance and fault detection of vibrating machinery. The purpose is to analyse how well the machinery operates within its target parameters.

Plant & Equipment
Testing shows vibrating screens at half-capacity

A recent vibration analysis in Australian quarries has revealed that 50 per cent of their vibrating screens are in critical, serious or problematic condition. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Side-by-side comparison between the new MX4 and a traditional crusher at the Minermix Quarry in Brazil.

Innovation drives uptime, higher wear liner life

As part of its MX crusher development program, Metso trialled machines in four countries: Brazil, Finland, France and Spain. The input and results of the Brazil trial indicated that the new MX crusher could significantly improve plant performance. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Nepean Rubber’s composite aperture screen panels (Panel #1) have ceramic or Hardox inserts lining the apertures, enhancing life expectancy in high impact abrasive applications.

Testing of steel and ceramic-lined apertures in screen media

A durable screen panel that combines energy absorbing, abrasion resistant rubber with the high strength and abrasion resistant properties of 95 per cent alumina ceramic or Hardox inserts moulded into a single composite has been trialled with an Australian manganese producer. Subscription required. Read more >>
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LEAN principles require operators to reduce waste and improve process flow.

Plant & Equipment
LEAN screening: How to increase value-added processing

The LEAN methodology is traditionally associated with manufacturing rather than quarrying. However, as Carol Wasson reports, employing LEAN tools in a screening application can significantly reduce costs and optimise site performance. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Darren Zanow (left) receives his certificate for the Alex Northover Award from AIQEF chairman David Cilento.

Award recipient praised for outstanding leadership

A south-east Queensland family business operator greatly impressed his program facilitators before being nominated for the 2016 Alex Northover Award. Darren Zanow speaks about the benefits of undertaking further education and winning one of the IQA’s highest honours. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Growing plants in aggregates is preferred to the hydroponic method because the aggregate helps to support the roots.

Grown in gravel

In the second feature of a series on environmentally friendly, sustainable aggregate applications, Bill Langer explains how plants can not only survive – but thrive – in gravel beds. Subscription required. Read more >>
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