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In beach replenishment, a dredge off-shore will normally pump a water sand slurry through large pipes onto the beach.

Where the sand meets the sea

Natural sand is a diminishing resource around the world, but still in enormous demand. The dwindling of sand supplies is most noticeable on beaches worldwide. Bill Langer discusses how onshore sand quarries may in the future provide some salvation for preserving and rehabilitating our shrinking coastlines. Read more »
The Aussie tour party at Caernarfon Castle, the spiritual ‘birthplace’ of the Institute of Quarrying 100 years ago.

Australians join in on centenary celebrations

Australians love a party - especially when it’s someone else’s! So it was that 17 Aussies earlier this year journeyed to the UK and Ireland to join the Institute of Quarrying UK’s centenary celebrations. As Danny Duke elaborates, the “colonials” were warmly welcomed to the party ... Subscription required. Read more »
Figure 1. A drone’s-eye view of Winstone Aggregates’ Flatop Quarry, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Environmental News
SmartConstruction in practice

The Komatsu SmartConstruction program unifies multiple technology platforms to provide customers with integrated product, service and support solutions across the life of a project. Aaron Marsh discusses some of the initial work done in the field. Subscription required. Read more »
Jenny Krasny (pictured in a session with Hastings Deering personnel) says her role is to foster a teaching environment for customers where opinions are valued and where every person feels their efforts are recognised and make a difference.

Environmental News
The impact of cultural stigmas on safety

Jenny Krasny will be highlighting the cultural stigmas that exist in the workplace, how they affect organisations striving for zero incidents, and strategies for an effective culture of risk minimisation. Ahead of her presentation, Jenny kindly shares some of her insights. Subscription required. Read more »
Breakers operating at several hundred blows per minute can release energy of more than 10,000 joules.

Environmental News
No mercy for oversize rocks

Glen Macdiarmid will present on how hydraulic breakers using variable speed technology can have significant cost savings on operators’ plant and equipment. Ahead of his presentation, he outlines the productivity gains for operators that use breakers on fractured and semi-fractured rock. Subscription required. Read more »

Soap Box
The 'devil' in the detail

Together with colleague Paul Soden, Steve Franklin will present on smart solutions for productivity gain. Ahead of his presentation, Steve provides valuable advice on how businesses can think more laterally about the way they interpret and respond to their data. Subscription required. Read more »

Environmental News
Supplier offers innovation award for IQA members

IQA member has the opportunity to win a $5000 international study tour at the 2017 IQA Awards. The Trimble Loadrite Innovation Award will recognise an individual’s contribution to excellence and innovation in the quarrying industry. Subscription required. Read more »
Komatsu personnel recently undertook remote pilot licence training. From left: Ken Suzuki, Scott Jamieson, Ramesh Muruganandan, Aaron Marsh, Ralph Goad and Bart Genson.

Environmental News
Earthmoving supplier takes an aerial view of site surveying

Six Komatsu Australia in-house pilots recently received their “wings” as certified drone operators, allowing them to provide aerial site surveying services over ground-based alternatives. Subscription required. Read more »
Komatsu’s Skycatch high precision drones are an economical alternative to ground-based surveys.

Environmental News
Kiwi contractor, quarry benefit from complimentary drone survey

C&R Developments is a civil earthworks and bulk earthmoving contractor in Cambridge, in Waikato, New Zealand. Subscription required. Read more »

Environmental News
Marketing lessons for the extractive industry

Sand and stone may be the ‘life blood’ of the Australian aggregates industry but the ways and means that these products are marketed to customers can be vital for growing enterprises. Aaron Savage and Ben Yong discuss some of the fundamental methods that are being ignored. Subscription required. Read more »
  A typical cross-section of the track structure, including the ballast, capping and structural fill materials required for the Inland Rail project.

Plant & Equipment
Ambitious rail project could create new opportunities

The Inland Rail project – which takes in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs – could change the way quarries in eastern Australia transport their aggregates. Subscription required. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Toowoomba - Resilient, vibrant, flourishing

Damian Christie believes that Toowoomba today is a vibrant, flourishing destination - a far cry from the 2011 flash floods that devastated the city and the region. Read more »


Monday, 23 October, 2017 03:04pm
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