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Graham Smith (left) receives the IQA’s highest honour from outgoing President John Mitas.

Graham Smith: Five decades of tireless service in the Apple Isle

Graham Smith was astonished when he was recently elevated to the status of Honorary Fellow in the IQA. However, as Damian Christie reports, it would not have surprised his peers who have worked with him – in business and within the Institute – for the best part of five decades. Read more »

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What the Dickens does quarrying have to do with Christmas?

Damian Christie discusses the importance of quarrying/geology and cites links related to this coming holiday season and new year. Read more »

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Stamping out negative attitudes, practices in the 'fair go' era

The IQA conference in Toowoomba in October highlighted the great strides that the IQA and the extractive industry is taking to encourage more women and young people into the sector. However, as Damian Christie remarks, there are still concerning signs that the safety of all workers risks being compromised so long as old, ingrained attitudes and lack of workplace flexibility linger. Read more »
The art deco Empire Theatre, in Toowoomba, was a “welcome change from the usual cold and uninviting convention centres”.

Toowoomba meeting showcases growth, new talent

IQA has hailed its 60th annual conference in Toowoomba as a great success that showcased the region’s infrastructure growth and utilised local support and talent. Damian Christie highlights the key moments. Subscription required. Read more »
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, pictured with Deborah Woodrup (Caterpillar) and Michael Benic (Hanson), happily posed for pictures.

Toowoomba meeting showcases growth, new talent

The IQA has hailed its 60th annual conference in Toowoomba as a great success that showcased the region’s infrastructure growth and utilised local support and talent. Read more »

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Toowoomba - Resilient, vibrant, flourishing

Damian Christie believes that Toowoomba today is a vibrant, flourishing destination - a far cry from the 2011 flash floods that devastated the city and the region. Read more »
The Aggresand modular aggregate and sand washing plant offers plenty of options for operators.

New Products
Modular wash plants

The Terex Washing Systems Aggresand modular aggregate and sand washing plant is now in the stewardship of a new eastern Australian dealer. Read more »

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Leadership on mental health is good business sense

Damian Christie explains why it's good business sense to look after your workforce and ensure that they are as able-bodied as possible.
Read more »

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How innovation, new ideas can put the wind in a quarry’s sails

Damian Christie explains why a seemingly obscure victory by our trans-Tasman neighbour in one of the world's oldest and sometimes most brutal sailing regattas should be an inspiration for Aussie quarries seeking to innovate. Read more »
A northern NSW quarry has been fined $15,000 for ‘inadequate’ erosion and sediment controls.

Quarry fined for failed erosion controls

A New South Wales north coast quarry has been heavily fined after failing to satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency that it had implemented sufficient controls to protect the environment. Read more »
Scott Tipping will spend 12 days travelling 2000km by jet ski in a bid to raise up to $20,000 for the funding of mental health awareness initiatives.

IQA member takes to water for mental health

In a bid to raise more awareness in the industry about mental health and suicide prevention, an IQA member will be riding 2000km from Melbourne to Brisbane – by jet ski. Read more »
A “glass mountain” at Alex Fraser Group’s Laverton North processing plant.

Plant & Equipment
From sand to glass – and back to sand

Recycled aggregates - once thought secondary to virgin quarry products - are now being used more frequently in construction applications. Damian Christie spoke to Alex Fraser managing director Peter Murphy about how the company’s products can benefit the extractive industry. Subscription required. Read more »


Friday, 15 December, 2017 02:11am
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