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Maxam continues to be one of the leaders in the explosives and blasting market with its RIOFLEX mining series of water gel explosives.
MAXAM is the leading provider of integrated blasting solutions to the Australian quarries and construction industry.

MAXAM is focusing on customer solutions, bringing a new perspective to the explosives industry. This new process is based on adding value and helping reduce customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO) through explosives and energy use - not only the one coming from blasting products but also energy required in drilling, hauling, crushing and refining processes, especially fuel and electricity.

In relation to quarry and construction projects, the care, precaution and control of adverse effects and environmental issues, such as blast vibration and airblast, are a maxim for MAXAM. In this way, the company provides experience, tools, technology and services that help clients perform their engineering projects efficiently and effectively.

MAXAM has the largest and most comprehensive national network of operational depots and supply hubs dedicated to providing explosive products and integrated blasting solutions to over 200 sites nationally in the quarrying and construction industries. MAXAM’s operational depots are managed locally by a dedicated Area Manager supported by site supervisors, technical services technicians and blast crews consisting of shotfirers, MSU and field operations.

MAXAM blasting services and tailored to our customer’s specific requirements. Service levels range from Pump and Go through to Full Rock on Ground. In addition, MAXAM provides a comprehensive range of specialist technical services and works closely with site operations to ensure the maximum benefit and utilisation of MAXAM products.
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